Meet Gabriella

Gabriella is a flow yoga instructor based primarily in the Staffordshire area. Gabriella’s classes target the two main goals students have upon attending a yoga class… to achieve peace in the mind and to condition the body. Each GabriellaYoga class or course cultivates a spiritual awareness and invites students during the exercises to look inwards in order to identify and nurture the inner-self. ‘Yoga’ means union, so the aim of each class is to find a place where the mind, body and soul become one. Gabriella combines creative sequencing and a playful attitude with physical mindfulness and an empowering energy to ensure that each student leaves class feeling revitalised, refreshed and ready to enjoy whatever life may bring next in their day.

“Challenging our bodies with postures which we wouldn’t ordinarily consider teaches us how to greet life’s unexpected obstacles with resilience, grace and strength.”


Gabriella became fascinated with all things yoga in the summer of 2013 after a year full of the ordinary stresses one encounters in their early 20’s. After graduating from an English Literature degree at the University of Birmingham, Gabriella found herself working as a recruitment consultant for the UK’s biggest mobile phone retailer at the time. Following this experience, she became an advertising sales executive for what is widely known as the most popular women’s magazine across the globe, Cosmopolitan, amongst other prestigious titles. Having escaped from a toxic relationship, whilst working in London Gabriella practised yoga regularly under Anusara-inspired instructor Lisa Sanfilippo and Vinyasa-Flow instructor Emily Hill. The humdrum daily boredom of a nine-to-five corporate city job tried to steal Gabriella’s sparkle, but luckily, something began to shift on the yoga mat. In spite of facing the biggest challenges of her life, Gabriella found herself to be in better physical, mental and emotional condition than ever before. Subsequently, she bid adieu to her glossy magazine career and after saving some extra pennies with a stint as a maitre d’ at a fancy Staffordshire restaurant, Gabriella jetted off to spend four months in Asia, the continent where yoga originated.

Gabriella’s trip took her not only on a physical journey, but also a spiritual one. Gabriella re-aquainted herself with her ‘Self’ during crowded group classes in Bali. She learned about how a group dynamic can create yoga magic on a wonderful retreat in Cambodia. Gabriella mentally and emotionally challenged herself in Vietnam’s yoga studios and allowed the natural environment in rural Laos to influence her practice. She developed mindfulness, cultivated awareness and developed a strong self-practice on the beaches of Thailand. And she qualified as a yoga instructor in India.

Under the immense support of her beautiful teachers Trupta, Aravind, Rakesh and Stephanie, Gabriella completed her 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher training course with Samyak Yoga in the glorious state of Kerala.

Upon arriving back to the UK in May 2014 Gabriella began teaching public group, private and school yoga classes across North Staffordshire. She is now qualified with Yoga4 Autism (December 2014), TeenYoga (May 2015), Starchild Children’s Yoga (August 2015) and most recently Youth Mindfulness (February 2016).

Having experienced hundreds of benefits in her own yoga practice (and expecting thousands more in the future!) Gabriella lives to share these with her students and looks forward to whatever they have to teach her in exchange. Gabriella firmly believes that yoga is for everyone and strives to ensure that all of her students feel comfortable, confident and care-free on the mat. Yoga with Gabriella is a physical, mental and spiritual practice which will enhance your lifestyle both on and off the mat. So whether you are male or female, young or old, stressed or mellow, fit or sedentary, flexible or stiff, Gabriella aims to cater for the individual needs of each student, encouraging you simply to try…

“We each have an Internal Saboteur… something which tells us that we are not strong enough, flexible enough, fit enough. It tells us that we are not ‘enough’ of anything we need to be in order to achieve our goals. So we often allow the Internal Saboteur to talk us out of even trying. I say kill the Internal Saboteur. Allow yourself to wonder, ‘What if I just try?’ And then try.”


In her spare time, Gabriella likes to read (mainly trashy novels, fantasy and dystopian fiction with the occasional classic thrown in for good measure), watch Game of Thrones and pore over productivity and organisation blogs. She enjoys surfing social networking sites for healthy-but-delicious recipes and likes making a mess in the kitchen whilst attempting to copy the photographs. Gabriella spends a lot of her time fantasizing about her next holiday. Influences from her Asian and North American travels and her urban London-living experience can be seen in her class style and she is always hunting for a new travel destination which will enrich her yoga practice! Gabriella thinks the world of her family and boyfriend and is very rarely seen without them. Music, art and culture inspire Gabriella’s classes so she spends a lot of time researching for new ideas across these mediums. Needless to say, Gabriella practises yoga every day and especially enjoys coming up with new and exciting sequences which take her out of her comfort zone.

Gabriella teaches in multiple venues across the Staffordshire area and also now offers private classes in her home yoga studio at her house in Fenton. Gabriella limits classes to a maximum of 20 students to ensure that everyone gets enough attention which means it is vital to pre-reserve your space in any class. Memberships and Offers are available to suit every budget and if you can’t find the answer to your questions in the FAQ page please don’t hesitate to Get In Touch.


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