Should I Meditate?

Yes. Yes and ABSOLUTELY YES is the easy answer. However, if you still need convincing…

Are you stressed all the time? 

We all experience stressful situations every now and then, and there will always be some who handle them better than others. However, there are some people out there (more than we’d think!) who feel permanently stressed, anxious and concerned. So what can we do about it? How can we combat stress when we can’t eliminate what causes it (eg. work, family life, financial struggles etc). We can sit down and meditate. Even taking ten minutes a day to find a quiet space, close our eyes and listen to our breath can have a huge impact in terms of putting things into perspective and helping us to see that there is more to life than those things which set us on edge. A regular meditation practice can turn you from a worrier into a warrior!

Are you stuck in a rut?

If your ambition has gone, you have no inspiration and just aren’t excited by life, meditation can really help. Often-times we won’t even know what has caused us to feel this way, or can’t remember when these feelings started, but all of a sudden they define us. We are going to work, coming home, eating, sleeping, repeating. But there is a whole lot more out there for us! Meditating can help us to identify why we feel the way we do, unlock emotions we might be suppressing and open avenues for creativity in our minds. We deserve better than humdrum… let’s see if meditation can prove it.

Do you need to heal?

As much as we hate to acknowledge it, sometimes we find ourselves in a weakened state, physically or emotionally. We might brush depression, or injury off like it doesn’t bother us, but deep down as we prevent these things from emerging they fester and grow inside ourselves and often manifest in much uglier ways. Have you ever snapped at someone you love around the same time as you were passed over for a promotion? Found yourself being nasty to strangers weeks, months and even years after losing a loved one? Stopped eating because your ex left and you think they did it because you aren’t thin or beautiful enough? Meditation can be a bitter pill to swallow if we are coming to it from a place of pain… the pain is usually brought right to the surface before I can be let go and this means tears, anger, self-loathing. However, once we have released the emotions attached to what we perceive as being a weakness, we have eliminated that which doesn’t serve us and made room for that which does.

Do you find it difficult to concentrate?

Daily life now is so full that our minds often struggle to focus. Did we pack the lunch-boxes? Should we put the clothes in the dryer? Who will unload the dishwasher? What time is that meeting? Do the kids need picking up from school early today? Is it own-clothes day? Did I eat too many calories yesterday? Will I have time to clear out the garage this weekend? When is that report due? Has it really been that long since we last visited our friends, our parents, our dentist? Does this dress make me look fat? How much more money do I have to save for the summer holiday? I wonder if I can lift heavier in the gym today…? And the list goes on, and on, and on. It is no wonder we often suffer when trying to concentrate on a single one of these tasks! As hard as it is to believe, meditation can completely silence this chatter. Try it.

Are you a yoga-lover?

Those who typically enjoy practising yoga will often find it very easy to slip into a meditation practice because that idea of clearing the mind as best we can and concentrating on just one particular thing (our breath, our alignment, our bodies) has been trained into us by good teachers. Whilst non-practitioners often find it bizarre to sit down and carry out a ritual or impossible to move mindfully, yogis thrive under this sort of activity and infinitely reap the benefits of meditation.

Can you think of any other reasons a person might meditation? Why did you first start meditating? What is your favorite meditation practice?

Love and light



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